Kris & Ashley

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


We love our dogs, Oskar and George something fierce. When the girls talk about how many people are in our family, they always include them in the number making us a family of 7. They too, are our babies.
Kris loves surprising his girls and treating us to fun dates and experiences. For this one, he rearranged the living room and blew up the air mattress for us to cuddle and watch movies while we were snowed in, in Texas.
We love workout dates, just the two of us as we cheer each other on to becoming stronger, healthier and better versions of ourselves.
We love staycations and nights where we can getaway and focus on us for longer than just a date night. It's the best way for us to relax and reconnect as life gets busy.
Ashley loves long baths, face-masks and pampering as self-care and this has rubbed off on the girls, so they love to treat themselves to fun spa nights at home.
We love a good road trip to explore how beautiful and unique our lands and states truly are.
We love introducing our girls to new and different life experiences. This was their first drive-in movie and The Princess Bride was on the big screen.
We believe in kissing each other on the lips and endless snuggles. It's the secret sauce to what keeps our family bond so strong.
In our home, we love traditions and celebrations of any kind. Life is short and we don't want to miss a moment of it, so we proudly celebrate each holiday and special moment in big and memorable ways. We cherish these memories and times together.
Bachelor Gulch, Colorado is a place we have gone every year since Emeline was 10 weeks old. It is our happy place in the mountains.
Emeline and Giselle love horseback riding and bonding with the horses at each lesson.
Josephine loves our walks, bike rides or scootering around the neighborhood. She always makes sure she has a "lovie" for each ride.
Josephine started dance this last year and has loved both ballet and tap.
Josephine loves imaginative play and getting lost in play just like her big sisters. She loves to emulate their big ideas.
Giselle loves traveling, but of all the places we've ever been, New York and our trip alone with her is the one that is the most special.
Giselle loves acting and acting silly. She keeps us entertained and laughing!
Giselle's passion is ballet and it has been since she was 3 years old. She is turning into such a beautiful and talented ballerina.
Emeline loves dragons, Harry Potter and all things mythical.
Emeline is our nature girl, lover of facts, science and animals.
Our ever-growing library is loved by all of our little book worms, but it is Emeline who started the collection and Emeline who loves reading more than anyone we know.
Ashley loves to celebrate anything and everything and celebrate both big and in-style. It brings her such joy and the rest of us just get to reap the benefits of a beautiful tables-cape, a delicious meal and an enjoyable time together.
Kris is a hunter, a conservationist and a true outdoorsman. Ashley is his biggest supporter, safely watching from the sidelines.
We love fishing, especially at our ranch where the pond is over stocked and you are all but guaranteed a good catch!
We love staying active as a couple and as a family. Being in nature while hiking and biking are among our favorites ways to stay active and healthy, both in our everyday life and on vacation.
Ashley is a kid at heart and loves getting down on the girl's level and playing with them.
Ashley loves taking photos and preserving our most precious and simple moments together.
We love a good picnic! We often pack one up at the ranch, on vacation or to just change up a lunch routine at home.
Our girls love to get lost in their play and put on shows for us. This is what childhood is all about!
We love baking and cooking together. The girls want to be chefs when they grow up, so we have so much fun tearing up the kitchen and cooking delicious meals for those we love.
We love music. Whether we are dancing the evening away in the living room or dancing with our girls at a concert, music fuels our souls. Any genre is welcomed and loved in our home!
If there was ever a window into our world, this is it. This is summer - a science or craft project in every room, dress-up, mismatched clothes or none at all and little messes everywhere. The day this house is truly spotless will be a sad day.
We love traveling near and far. Discovering the world together and with our children will always be an important part of our family.
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