Beth & Steve

Hoping to Adopt (New York)



Beth is passionate about what she believes in and a true optimist. She is intuitive and empathetic. Beth loves to meet new people and see new places, but hates to fly, but like most things that she tackles, she is willing to push past the uncomfortable to get to the good. She loves planning trips, whether it's a road trip, camping or going out of the country. Beth was shy growing up but because of her passion for helping people and building a career that was purpose driven, she's worked to overcome the introvert inside of her. She now is a corporate affairs executive leading a large team and many departments at a large not for profit health care company. Beth also leads the company's Diversity & Inclusion work as well as the women's employee resource group. She can't wait to share her love of reading, the outdoors, travel, and an active imagination with a child.


Steve is fiercely loyal and has a sense of duty to protect others. He is brave - running towards challenges without a second thought. He has a global view and is intellectually curious about other cultures, religions, and ways of life. All that said, Steve drives so slow. Seriously for a guy that loves F1 racing, Beth will often tell him to go faster to just get up to the speed limit! Steve is a veteran. He spent almost 20 years in the Army with several combat deployments and has faced many challenges, including homelessness while he went to university for his undergraduate degree. He has a regal resilience and is constantly evolving to create a better world for those around him. He can't wait to share his passion for designing and building one of a kind wood furniture and eating pastries with a child. Steve is excited to share with our child what he's learned about balancing physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being.

The Story of Us... So Far

We met on a blind date and Beth had such low expectations for the date that she made plans to meet with a friend for dinner after the meet up. Steve had just moved to DC following a military deployment and was also skeptical about the dating scene. We met up and immediately began chatting about life and travels. That led to Beth calling her friend from the bathroom and telling her that she was sorry for the last-minute cancellation, but this guy was cute and charming. We discovered that France was a common thread. Steve's family was from France and France was the first place that Beth ever traveled to out of the country. As it got later, Beth finally said that she had to go to walk her dog, Fisher. Steve said he would like to join. Beth warned him that Fisher was very protective and pretty much disliked men. Much to Beth's surprise, when Steve met Fisher he got on his belly and let Fisher sniff him. It was a sign. A few weeks later, Beth and a friend went to South Africa on a trip. Steve and Beth texted and wrote emails to one another the whole time giving them a chance to get to know all about one another. We began dating seriously, taking our first trip together to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, exploring DC and meeting family in Arizona and California. Steve planned a proposal, nine months later surprising Beth with an engagement ring he designed using Beth's Grandmother's ring & having a group of friends waiting nearby to help celebrate. We began planning our wedding after a trip with friends to Argentina. Steve joked that they should get married in the French Chateau in the town that Steve's mom grew up in and Steve spent summers with his grandparents and extended family. Beth instantly got on Google Translate and found the chateau. Steve claims he wasn't serious, but Beth reminded him that you never joke with a newly engaged woman about a wedding in France. Days after Steve graduated with his master's degree, we were fortunate to have friends and family join us for our wedding at the chateau. After the wedding, we settled into our newly married life in Washington, DC. We decided to add to our family with Londi, a fluffy puppy. A few months later we took a honeymoon to South Africa. Steve always thought Beth was a bit emotional and silly when describing the magic and beauty of South Africa and its people. But once Steve saw his first herd of elephants in person, he understood why Beth loved visiting and they pledged to take their child one day. Beth received an unexpected job offer in New York City not long after. We decided that it would be a great adventure to move to a new city and discover it together and one with so much life and opportunity. NYC was overwhelming at first, but we enjoyed early morning trips with the dogs to Central Park and discovering all the variety of great food. Some new friends invited us out to their place outside the city for a weekend. We quickly loved the farm stands, the beaches and the slower pace than the city. A few months later, we made an offer on a house with a huge fenced yard. We thought it would be the perfect way to balance the city and have the best of both worlds. What started as a weekend house, became our favorite place on weekends, holidays, days off and work from home days. Beth's work has gone fully remote and we've been able to live here full time while continuing one of our favorite activities--home improvement. Steve's built a home gym and we added a pool for summer days. We are in easy distance to all NYC has to offer with museums, restaurants, and diverse cultural activities. Just recently we were in the city volunteering at a food bank and then seeing a play on Broadway. We are fortunate to have a loving and supportive extended family that we see often. We have family in North Carolina, Arkansas, Florida, and California that we see several times a year with nieces and nephews excited to welcome a new cousin. Steve’s mother and Beth’s parents are all looking forward to welcoming a new grandchild with open arms.

The Four-Legged Babies

We love animals and have two dogs. Londi is a Golden Retriever who has never met a stranger and loves everyone. Londi was named after Londolozi which is a safari camp in South Africa is where we spent our honeymoon. Steve and Londi are a certified therapy dog team. They do visits to the elderly and people who are sick. When Londi is not prancing and sashing down the street greeting strangers, her favorite activity, she can be found in shallow end of the pool or the bay water. Twyla joined our family from Amarillo, TX in 2020. She is part kangaroo, with seriously long legs, and a bouncy personality. She loves to cuddle and finds a lap and just plops in it. Twyla was named after one of the shows we watched during quarantine--Schitt's Creek--and is just as sweet as the character she was named for as well as a bit goofy. Twyla is usually found with a tennis ball in her mouth and carries one every where she goes just in case someone might be up for a game of fetch. Both Londi and Twyla love people, consider themselves the neighborhood greeters, and are gentle with kids.

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