Samantha & Rhy

Hoping to Adopt (Connecticut)


Why Adoption

From early on in our relationship, we discussed adoption and how we hoped it would be part of the plan in growing our family, whether we were able to have biological children or not. We discovered that we were unable to have children naturally, which did not cause the same amount of grief to us as it does many people since adoption has always been part of our plans.

Meet Boomer

Boomer is our adorable 6-year-old Black Lab mix rescue pup. The shelter we got him from had saved him and about 30 other dogs from a kill shelter a day earlier. So, within 48 hours, his life had changed and he changed our lives. He loves to chase the ball when you kick it, but he's not great at bringing it back! We sometimes wonder if he's trying to tell us something - meaning that we need the exercise and we should pick up the ball!! He is obsessed and fascinated with kids and is so gentle with them. I truly think he is an old soul and knows between right and wrong. The look of love on his face when he sees a child is heartwarming. I know he will be a strong protector of any child that enters our family.

Our Home & Community

When we bought our home in 2013, we knew there would be a few projects, but what we didn't realize was how many. Not because the house really needed anything, but because we both found enjoyment out of mini renovations and projects. Slowly we have been making our house look and feel like a home. Our home has 4 bedrooms with a large family room and a big backyard with lots of room to play. Our dog Boomer likes to lay on the back deck whenever the sun is shining. He sometimes digs up the garden too, but he really loves to run around and play ball in the backyard. Our home is located in a small suburban city which has everything a family could want. There are beaches and parks, museums and libraries and most recently an outdoor ice-skating rink! When we moved in to our home we were excited to find that our street is amazingly diverse with many cultures. All of our neighbors have interesting and exciting backgrounds. At the end of Summer there is a street party where all the neighbors get together and play games and bring food and have fun. Last year we even had a face painter come and paint faces for all the kids. They had so much fun! Halloween is also super fun in our street. Most of the neighbors decorate their houses and go all out with amazing costumes. We even dress up our dog Boomer, although I think he doesn't love it too much :)

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